21 Day Fix Container Storage

You, your mom, those 10 amazingly inspirational women that you follow on Instagram, your neighbor and your co-worker have these little rainbow containers that are changing the way that North America eats -- and I've found the PERFECT storage solution for them.

It works for me, I hope it works for you too!

These little cups are perfectly portioned and allow the flexibility of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) without the minutia of calorie counting (no shade ;) it's all about what works for different people, personalities and lifestyles).

It's a game changer, and I get to coach men and women every single day through the transformational process of FINALLY knowing what to eat, how much to eat and having the freedom to enjoy food in a simple, beautiful way.

I've got about 4 sets of these containers from over the years.

My first set was from the official coach test group that I was selected to be a part of (and lost 9.5 lbs and 11 inches for my wedding!) I've earned them for helping people, ordered a few extra to use as measuring cups and they have been gracing my sink, drawers and the top rack of my dishwasher for the last three years.

My BODY felt amazing, but storage never felt ORGANIZED, until now.

Recently, I've adopted the organization and decor method of requiring that everything be BOTH beautiful AND functional. In the process, I've also kept things clutter free and grouped by functionality through clear plastic containers and fabric bins.

They have REVOLUTIONIZED the organization of countless under and over cabinet storage spaces in my home. I'm not rummaging around or behind other objects, I'm not guessing where things are, and my brain and my routine are SO much more seamless and stress free now that I have put things in a rightful place.

I'm not a naturally meticulous or organized person, but because of how spontaneous and exciting my work load and lifestyle has become, I need STRUCTURE in order to save my best brain power for new ideas, spending time in relationship with my clients and growing and teaching out of the overflow of that personal growth.

Instead of having loose items placed on the shelves within my cabinets, I group the items based on category or functionality and then I use a storage bin.

I purchased this clear storage organizer basked from InterDesign (that you can grab here for around $8) - and it fits 3 FULL 21 Day Fix container sets. It is SUCH a simple tweak, but makes such a huge impact! I KNOW you can find something just as great in a clearance aisle or at a dollar store, so keep your eyes peeled when you're shopping!

I had tried a few different ways to store my containers, but nothing was a simple and as effective. The one improvement that they could have is the ability to stack inside one another, but unfortunately the dimensions don't allow each container to be inserted very far within the other.

But isn't the most SIMPLE answer often the greatest?

Now, when I need to measure out veggies, protein, fruits (or my personal faves ;) - carbs and fats) - it's a quick open of the cabinet, pull down the basket and I've got what I need. Normally, I would knock SOMETHING down into the sink or end up with a disorganized mess on the shelf.

My least favorite space in the kitchen is now one of the most organized and frequently used cabinets. I use these THREE sections on a DAILY BASIS.

  1. My containers
  2. My oil diffuser
  3. My Magic Bullet for Shakeology

One of the best tips that I've discovered recently is using an essential oil diffuser with LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL after cooking in the kitchen and cleaning up. There is NOTHING better than the fresh, clean smell of lemon after muddying up the air with oil, grease, soap, cleaners and a ton of different foods.

It's one of those fragrance moments that's super simple, and just FEELS cathartic and clean. I have an amazing friend who is super passionate about essential oils and if you're looking to learn more or grab yourself a diffuser and lemon oil for this purpose, you can connect with her and order here.

If you give it a try, let me know what you think, and if you have an even BETTER solution, let me know that too! I'll make sure to link you and your post here to make sure that as a community, we make it as easy, organized, functional and BEAUTIFUL as possible to stay healthy and live happier, more FULFILLING life with the people that we love.

And if you LOVE the idea of this color coded portion fix nutrition system, I'd love to help you get started and fully understand how everything works. Just shoot me an email at chelsea@fitgirlsnextdoor.com or click here and I'll respond within 48 hours :)


  1. Brilliant! I too love beauty with function, makes me happy! Would love to see tips on fashion on a tight budget!

  2. I love everything that you are blogging! Great job and thanks for the super helpful tips!����❤️