My Top 100 Workout Playlist

I have been promising this workout playlist for a LONG time, and it's officially yours.

Please feel free to follow me on Spotify, just search for CHELSEA PEARSON  and you'll have access to all of my playlists from your Spotify account.

A huge part of my passion for fitness is intertwined with music. I am a dancer and devoted a good 20 years of my life to losing and finding myself in movement. I respond and am inspired by the way something sounds, and it's amazing how the right song can carry you through a workout or unknowingly allow you exceed your limitations.

One of my favorite things about working out from home is the ability to blast my music as loud as I want - which is always MAX volume. I love to be absorbed in the rhythm and bass and go to another place.  Most of the workouts that I do are through Beachbody On Demand that have the incredible functionality of turning the workout music off. That means I get to blast the trainer's audio cues along with my favorite playlists, and I have the most badass, intense, energized private class in the comfort of my own home.

This playlist is not censored, so I don't recommend if you're playing around little ears. I will absolutely make a squeaky clean and equally as incredible Top 100 in the near future. As I've gotten older ;) I appreciate far less explicit content, but there are certain bass lines I just can't resist. I'll make sure to link the clean version here when it's up!

For more information about how I workout or to give Beachbody On Demand a try, you can grab a month free with me as your coach! Straight up. 30 Days of FREE streaming workouts. Just click here and scroll down to the TRY IT FREE button.

I have an incredible community of women who sweat from home every so often or every single day that I'd love to share with you. Just shoot me an 
email here or to once you've started your trial!

What is YOUR absolute favorite workout song?

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